Windows 7+

A Graphic Interface for pdf2djvu

Version 1.2

(May 2022)

Download  (64 bits)

You may use WinPdf2Djvu freely.
This program is proposed "As Is", without any kind of support or warranty.




WinPdf2DjVu.exe is a GUI for pdf2djvu.exe, inspired by "Pdf To DjVu GUI".

It solves a few problems compared to "Pdf To DjVu GUI" and adds some additional functionalities.



"Pdf2djvu Win32" (command line) or "Pdf To DjVu GUI" must be installed already.



WinPdf2DjVu_ReadMe.txt is a short explanation on how to use the program.

Copy WinPdf2DjVu.exe to the folder containing pdf2djvu.exe


Run WinPdf2DjVu.exe.


That's all!

Please note:

The execution of conversions lies entirely on pdf2djvu.exe Win32.
WinPdf2Djvu is merely a GUI to launch pdf2djvu.exe.

A conversion job may be a very lengthy process, depending on the options selected, and the size of the PDF file.



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