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OT1 logoOT1 Font Manager (version 7)

OT1 Font Manager 7 is a font management free software for Windows. It is compatible with OpenType specification 1.8 (fonts with variations - p.e. Bahnschrift), and font management at user level (in addition to administrator level) introduced in Windows 10 October 2018 Update.

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Perpetual Calendar (Version 11)

Perpetual Calendar (from year -4712 to year 3999).

This historical calendar displays dates according to the Gregorian, Julian and French Republican calendars. Legal holidays and personal events may be set on year ranges. Moon phases are also indicated.

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An alternate graphic interface for Windows users of pdf2djvu.

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Batch convert a set of heterogeneous image files to a single image format, with optional resizing. Then reorder, rename and resequence the resulting fil names.

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Euler's Knight

Euler's Knight is a mind game. The goal is to move the knight over all the squares of the board, passing on each square once and only once.

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