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Perpetual Calendar (Version 8)

Perpetual Calendar (From Year -3999 to Year 3999).

This historical calendar displays dates according to the Gregorian, Julian and French Republican calendars. Legal holidays and personal events may be set on year ranges. Moon phases are also indicated.
Periods may be printed by year, half year, quarter or months.
Many options are available to set dates and layout:
Dates displayed after the European or North-American standards; legal holidays (fixed days or relative to Easter or a day of week), fully customizable Julian and Gregorian periods, etc.
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Windows XP+

XHTML Photo Gallery

The Xhtml Photo Gallery program (Html Photo Gallery V2) will help you build photo galleries of different kind (pages of thumbnails, thumbnails aligned on the left, right, top or bottom, or as automatic slide shows).

You may set the size of thumbnails and images, add watermarks to images, label the images, and set style sheets that are applied in a click. You may also add page transitions for Internet Explorer.

An FTP upload command allows easy publishing of the galleries to a web site.

The program aims mainly at creating series of galleries. Once a layout and a style have been set for a gallery, new galleries can be created and uploaded in a few clicks.
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Windows XP+

Euler's Knight

Euler's Knight is a mind game. The goal is to move the knight over all the squares of the board, passing on each square once and only once.
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Windows, all versions


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